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Connecting the Decentralised Economy Through Education

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What Is ToshIndex?

ToshIndex is the First Decentralised Global Knowledge Hub powered by the Community, revolutionizing the way virtual communities and top professionals educate, learn and share knowledge about the overlapping fields of crypto assets and emerging technologies

Three Components of a Global Knowledge Hub



Our cumulative knowledge base is contributed by experts, i.e., thought leaders, researchers, developers, early investors and other players


Professional Network

Our professional reputation system incentivize experts to protect their reputation in a safe and trusted learning environment



Our disintermediated knowledge marketplace reduce customer costs through the removal of unnecessary intermediaries

Education You Can Trust

ToshIndex’s professional reputation system ensures fairness in the assessment of users’ knowledge and expertise

Users build professional scores in the community when their contribution is evaluated positively by other reputed members. Professional scores are evaluated by smart contracts and tied to secured identities on the Blockchain for robustness and transparency

Let’s Get Connected

Who Will Use ToshIndex?



Users curate content and tip experts for sharing knowledge and shaping the overall financial education path for the nascent economy


Content Creators

Content Creators are rewarded for posting content, answering questions and building eLearning courses



Advertisers boost owned content and bid for advertising placements on the platform



Backers to lock up their tokens for a prespecified duration to profit share platform revenues



Voters may use their tokens to vote on key features and future developments for the platform



Ambassadors earn by promoting the platform and gaining referral sign ups from their network

Our Track Record

Together we are experts in Information Communication Technology, Sharing Economy,
Smart Contracts, Blockchain Infrastructure, Digital Wallets and Decentralised Protocols.
Furthermore, we have worked with some impressive organisations.

Fundraising Goals

Token Distribution

Use of Proceeds

Hard Cap: USD20M

Soft Cap: USD2M

Cost: 1 TOSH = USD0.1


Our Team

Jackson Kwa

Jackson Kwa

Co-Founder, CEO

Serial entrepreneur and technology leader. He represented Singapore at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2016 as the National Champion.

Shayne Tan

Shayne Tan

Co-Founder, COO

Project lead, social advocate and blockchain technology enthusiast with a keen eye and passion for concept and design development.

Solomon Soh

Solomon Soh

Co-Founder, CFO

Portfolio manager at one of the largest life insurer in the world. Equipped with good investment knowledge and accounting prudence.

Jun Hao

Jun Hao

CCO, Community

Experienced advisor for multiple ICOs and renowned trader in the Cryptocurrency Market with over 20,000 followers in the community.

Leonard Tan

Leonard Tan

CTO, Technology

Software engineer at one of the leading traditional payment processors in the world. Full-stack dapp developer and tech advisor for ICOs.

Raymond Koh

Raymond Koh

CDO, Digital Information

UI/UX designer and full-stack developer. Previously worked on innovative applications in the realm of AI, E-Commerce and Mobile Apps.

Elisha Koh

Elisha Koh

CMO, Marketing

Digital professional familiar with the management of social media assets. Experienced bounty manager and marketing officer for ICOs.

Our Advisors

Joe Zhou

Joe Zhou

Serial Entrepreneur and blockchain technology expert. Successfully co-founded the first E-sports blockchain company 1stBlood, in 2016.

Matthias Klees

Matthias Klees

Veteran blockchain developer. Founded to educate decisionmakers and foster a "decentralization of powers" across Europe.

Paul Griffin, PhD

Paul Griffin, PhD

Developer, Researcher, Engineer. Prominent advisor to Project Ubin – SGD on Distributed Ledger by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Jackson Ng, MSc

Jackson Ng, MSc

Technopreneur, Software Developer, Marketer and Educator all in the field of Information Systems. Pioneer of Going Dutch Smart Contracts.

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